Play with one another as sacred instruments of God to create the divinely inspired music of love. Surrender to the moment and let the energy guide the notes. Forget your name, forget who you are, exist only in the rhythm of the music.

Spiritual Intimacy

Yogic Tools for Living and Loving

The art of intimacy… Seeing and being seen… Sharing spiritual practice with another… Becoming one, becoming whole.

Spiritual Intimacy is offered as a weekend intensive or a six week program that guides you in understanding the dynamics of relationships with a deeper understanding of how you relate to others.

Life is about connection and relationship. It’s the only thing
that has value to the soul. The vibrations of the emotions
become part of our soul’s energy, “the colors we carry”.
Understanding our own energies lets us consciously create
the feelings and connections we want to experience.

Class meets one night a week and is supplemented by home study and practice:

  • Explore the teachings of Tantric yogic philosophy.
  • Bring the energy of love into your being. Bring the divine into your relationships.
  • Know yourself, know your partner, know the space that you inhabit together.
  • Learn to create the relationships you want to have.

We will work in a safe and supportive environment to cultivate the best that we have within ourselves and create a new foundation for all our relationships.

Class appropriate for couples or individuals.

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