Meeting you and "Moving into Balance" have had a great impact on me, and have moved me forward into a time of great change which is both frightening and promising. Thank You. ….. VV.

Manny’s flowing warm way of communicating made the words come alive… A wonderful insightful experience; Very intense and at the same time beautifully light. Most of all I know me, my inner-self to a deeper degree and therefore I am able to give more because I am centered. My spiritual practice has grown so much deeper …. SKR

Private Classes and Personal Coaching

What are your soul’s desires and wildest aspirations?

What is preventing you from living, from being, the magnificent person you truly are?

Inside each and everyone of us there is a seed, a desire, to live a more magnificent life. We know we are capable of being more alive, more free, more open to all that life has to offer. Yet something holds us back. Something is getting in the way of that inner freedom that is our birth right. Our conditioning, the level of consciousness from which we view life determines our options for living.

Weaving a myriad of spiritual teachings and practices Manny can guide you into a place of centeredness from which to begin to engage with life's challenges. Using Yogic philosophy and practices you can connect with your soul’s purpose and desires. Aligning with your own inner power life starts to unfold with purpose and clarity. Understanding and aligning with the Universal laws of Creation we can become skilled captains of our own life.

Private sessions are available to customize the teachings to your current challenges and opportunities.

Cost of $75.00 / hour

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Yogic Philosophy
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Tantric Yoga

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