All of life is in the journey. It’s about savoring every moment toward the destination… Stop, slow down, breathe and take in the life that you are living.


Manny Muros:

Manny is co-director of the Yoga Center of Newburyport. He co-created and teaches the Moving into Balance series, weaving meditation and yogic philosophy as a way to empower our lives. He also created and teaches the Spiritual Intimacy series, bringing yogic practices into our relationships. Manny is a certified practitioner of Thai Yoga Bodywork and Reiki I and II and is designated as an Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher. He teaches asana and partner/doubles yoga.

Manny began his devotional meditation practice in 1995 as a way to balance his life, and began his study of yoga in 1998. His teaching style blends his study and practice of many spiritual pursuits -- including contact and partner yoga, transformational breath-work, and A Course in Miracles, among many others. This diverse background gives him a keen awareness of the many available paths which lead to self-realization.

My Story

It was the spring of 1995. My life had spiraled out of control. A wife, three kids, a 10,000 sq ft house on 4.5 ac on the Merrimack river, 3 luxury cars, tuitions at private schools and my new business venture was failing. Creditors at my door, a life to be sustained, and I was staring at a dead end road. With no logical option I could see and totally beaten to my core I walked into the empty church at the end of my street. Surrendered and beaten, I sat down in a pew and said to my God “ I give up, I don’t know what to do and I don’t even care, just keep us safe…. All I really want is to know you. I don’t want to know about you. I want to know you.” ….. That was the beginning of my life becoming alive!

Until that moment I had been living a false and empty me. Following the dreams and expectations of my immigrant parents and wife. Working to create an externally driven life with the status and grandeur of the life we had left behind in Cuba. I kept acquiring and becoming “the American dream” but I was a full of fear and feeling unworthy with out this outward success. Somehow needing to prove myself. Not really enjoying the work that I was doing nor the blessings that were in my life. Everything felt heavy, a burden needing to be sustained.

Then, sitting on that pew, a deep peace began to arrive. I felt embraced by this bubble of inner calm. I felt an unconditional love…. I felt safe… Somehow we would be ok.

A window into the divine had opened in me and I began to spend more and more time sitting in stillness drinking from this fountain, nurturing my soul. The external world was just as demanding and threatening but an inner peace began to take root in me. I felt like I was on a sail boat in the middle of a gigantic, nasty, storm and all I could do was stay calm and weather out the storm…. It was a very long and difficult storm bringing new challenges with every turn but my peace and stillness kept getting deeper and stronger. My connection to the divine became the center of my life and my only real focus.

As I understand it now, my kundalini energy opened/released in my love for God and my surrendered state in the church pew. I began to “see” the world quite differently. I began to see energy fields and ( except for the little kids ) everyone looked like “zombies’ absorbed in the reality of their own mind not seeing what was really there in the present moment but simply projecting their past and expectations into what was actually happening…. I spend approximately two and a half years devotionally studying and meditating from 12 to 18 hours per day / 7 days a week… I was in a “natural high” exploring this new world full of love and peace and contentment… God had reveled himself to me… He was in everyone and in everything… He is the love and the foundation of all Creation… He had answered my prayer!

My life’s purpose became the study, practice, and teaching of spiritual practices that lead to self-awareness…. to self-realization.

My teaching style blends practices of many spiritual pursuits -- including several schools of yoga, contact and partner yoga, Thai yoga bodywork, transformational breath-work, and A Course in Miracles, among many others.

There are many roads leading to our own inner center and it is my deepest desire to help others to become free and to break away from the limitations we place on ourselves and on others—to fully blossom into the beautiful and divine being waiting to come out.

Life is not simply meant to be endured, it can be a magical journey of exploration and celebration!

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